16th ASV

The 16th Asian Symposium on Visualization - 2022

June 7 (Tue.) - 10 (Fri.), 2022

Bangkok, Thailand

About Conference

Visualization offers a powerful tool in scientific researches. As a well-known international symposium focusing on advances invisualization methods and their applications, most of all, to fluid mechanics, Asian Symposium on Visualization (ASV) has been continuously hold in the pastnearly three decades. Following the trend of the previous symposia, a wide scope of the oncoming ASV 16 is expected. Contributions to all areas of visualization methods & technologies and their applications are welcome. Suggested topics for presentation are given below. Paper selection will be based on two independent reviews of submitted abstracts by members of the steering committee or organizing committee.

Asian Symposium of Visualization (ASV) is an international conference emphasizing on for Visualization Phenomena, methods and applications.

ASV's members and committees come from many countries in Asia area. The ASV conferences were organized continuously by ASV's members. Following the scopes of conference, ASV 16 is coming to be held on 7-10 June, 2022 in Bangkok , Thailand.

Previous Conferences

1 st ASV, Beijing (China) in 1988
2 nd ASV, Hangzhou (China) in 1992
3 rd ASV, Chiba (Japan) in 1994
4 th ASV, Beijing (China) in 1996
5 th ASV, Bali (Indonesia) in 1998
6 th ASV, Pusan (South Korea) in 2001
7 th ASV, Singapore in 2003
8 th ASV, Chiang Mai (Thailand) in 2005
9 th ASV, Hong Kong in 2007
10 th ASV, Andhra Pradesh (India) in 2009
11 th ASV, Niigata (Japan) in 2011
12 th ASV, Tainan (Taiwan) in 2013
13 th ASV, Novosibirsk (Russia) in 2015
14 th ASV, Beijing (China) in 2017
15 th ASV, Pusan (South Korea) in 2019

Organized by

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All inquires concerning the symposium should be addressed to

Dr. Amornrat Kaewpradap

Email: ASV16Thailand@gmail.com


Department of Mechanical Engineering, KMUTT

Bangkok, Thailand